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Family ticket F1 grandstand N, GP 2023 - 3 days

  • Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya <br> grandstand N F1 Barcelona <br />Family package
    Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
    grandstand N F1 Barcelona
    Family package
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F1 family package Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya - Grandstand N

This package requires at least 1 adult (from 16 years) + 1 junior (up to 15 years). This family package is offered in the following combinations:

1 Ad + 1 Jun
1 Ad + 2 Jun
2 Ad + 1 Jun
2 Ad + 2 Jun

More than 2 Ad + 2 Jun? No problem, just add the required additional tickets of the grandstand N (click here) to your order.

The grandstand N which provides seating for almost 3000 spectators is located just before the Campsa Corner, which is a right hander taken at 195km/h in 5th gear. The Campsa Corner, which exits onto the back straight, is a high speed, technical challenging and critical corner, where a lot of lap time can be gained or lost. This grandstand is the second most affordable stand on the circuit and offers you good views of the racing cars exiting the Wurth Corner, accelerating past you on a short straight, through Campsa Corner and down the back straight towards the La Caixa Hairpin. The giant screen diagonally opposite ensures you won’t miss a second of all the other race action. A lot of Fernando Alonso Fanclubs are seated on this grandstand.

  • Recommended entry gates: 7
  • Recommended parkings: A

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VIDEO of grandstand N, Circuit de Catalunya in Montmelo.

MAP of Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya: WEST area (Area OESTE)

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Be prepared for the Formula 1 GP of Barcelona and have a look to the circuit the catalunya from above, appreciate the location of the grandstand N by clicking on the following link: “Grandstand N -” (Google Earth application required").

Family ticket F1 grandstand N, GP 2023 - 3 days - Features
Type of ticket:3 day F1-ticket GP Barcelona
grandstand N circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Formula 1 race Grand Prix Spain
Attention!Thursday: Visit Pitlane (to be confirmed)
According to official schedules that are published a few days before the GP
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Family ticket F1 grandstand N, GP 2023 - 3 days - Gallery 4