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F1 ticket grandstand C, Barcelona GP 2023

  • F1 tickets GP Barcelona <br>  Grandstand C Montmelo <br> Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix tickets
    F1 tickets GP Barcelona
    Grandstand C Montmelo
    Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix tickets
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F1 ticket Circuit de Catalunya Montmelo - Grandstand C

The grandstand C is located on the outside of the Europcar Corner, where racing cars break down from top speed 220km/h, entering downwards into the new right/left/right-hander RACC chicane, before going to the pit lane or accelerating to the last but very important corner of the circuit - the New Holland Corner - which is taken in 5th gear at 225 km/h.

  • Recommended entry gates: 1
  • Recommended parkings: B

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VIDEO of grandstand C, Circuit de Catalunya in Montmelo.

MAP of Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya: NORTH area (Area NORTE)

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Be prepared for the Formula 1 GP of Barcelona and have a look to the circuit the catalunya from above, appreciate the location of the grandstand C by clicking on the following link: “Grandstand C - EntradasMontmelo.com.kmz” (Google Earth application required").

F1 Ticket Adult: 16 - 64 years

Children under 6 not occupying a seat have free access to the grandstand with a paying adult and no child ticket is required.

50% discounted Grandstand tickets are available for both children aged 6-15 years old (JUNIOR) and persons aged 65 years and over (SENIOR).

Half price ticket holder may be required to show identification such as a passport to prove their age on entry.


F1 ticket grandstand C, Barcelona GP 2023 - Features
Type of ticket:3 days F1-ticket GP Barcelona
grandstand C circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Formula 1 race Grand Prix Spain
Attention!Thursday: Visit Pitlane (to be confirmed)
According to official schedules that are published a few days before the GP
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