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Formula-1 Paddock Club

Formula 1 Paddock Club GP Barcelona, circuit Montmelo

Formula 1 Paddock Club Montmelo

Formula-1 Paddock Club, Pit Building Terrace - Circuit de Catalunya Montmelo

The Formula One Paddock Club pass is the only ticket which can be bought with the right to visit the pitlane during the weekend of a Formula 1 Grand Prix. Without any doubt, it’s the most amazing way to spend a unforgettable F1 weekend having the opportunity to access the pitlane, to approach the F1 boxes and to see Formula 1 Team members and Formula 1 cars very, very close!

Formula 1 Paddock Club Montmelo

The Formula One Paddock Club tickets gain you access that is unrivalled by other VIP or hospitality packages. This exclusive F1 pass includes a gourmet cuisine, an open bar with champagne, entertainment and privileged access. In other words, a very exclusive way to enjoy the glamour and exciting world of the Formula One.

Formula 1 Paddock Club Montmelo

The Formula One Paddock Club is the ultimate in corporate hospitality luxury and spectator enjoyment, hosted on top of the pit lane in a prime viewing position.

The Formula 1 Paddock Club is part of those who make Formula One racing the most glamorous sport in the world. The spacious area of the F1 Paddock Club is separated from the Racing Paddock.

Included in the price of a Formula-1 Paddock Club Ticket are:

• Access to the circuit and privileged parking
• Privileged view of the start/finish straight (from Pit Building Terrace)
• Pit lane walk at specially allotted times >> pictures Pit-Lane
• Open bar with Champagne
• Gourmet luncheon with fine wines
• Morning tea and pastries
• Access to the Support Race Paddock
• Official Programme and a pair of ear plugs
• Entertainment
• Seat in the Golden Card area incl. TV monitoring or at the Golden Card table in the Club Suite, the hospitality area designed for individuals and small groups in a shared environment

The Golden Card Club Suite has the following facilities:
• Fully carpeted and lined
• Tables for ten guests, table settings and chairs
• Floral arrangements
• Personal, branded entrance
• Flat Screen monitors

The F1 Paddock Club™ tickets for the GP Barcelona offered or sold by us through Golden Card are subject to availability and to the F1 Paddock Club™ Standard Terms and Conditions. We look forward to taking care of you in the exclusive luxury of the Formula One Paddock Club™.

Official sales point Formula One Paddock Club

Rates 2019

2 days (Sat+Sun): 3.285,00 Euros +VAT
3 days
(Fri+Sat+Sun): 3.865,00 Euros +VAT

For more information and bookings please contact us.
Pack 5 stars Hotel and F1 Paddock Club >> here <<
It is not possible to purchase individual day tickets.
There are no discounts or reduced tickets for children. Persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult who must also hold a ticket. Children until 7 years of age must have a permission of the organisation to access the F-1 Paddock Club.

>> pictures Formula One Paddock Club GP Barcelona <<

More pictures are available on the Spanish website


In addition to the Formula One Paddock Club Barcelona we can offer the non-plus ultra corporate experience hosting VIP guests at the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix with a former F1 mechanic!

We can offer a unique service whereby the F1 mechanic 'helds the hands' of special guests throughout a F1 weekend, talking them through each part of the event, explaining what's really going on down inside the garages and on the track. The Formula-1 mechanic can take the VIP guests for pitlane walkabouts and offer a race commentary service on the Sunday.

The real bonus for the corporate race fans is to have an 'insider' on hand at all times, explaining race strategies, pitstop techniques and the teams procedures. "Our" Formula 1 mechanic worked with 3 of the World Champions currently on the grid and has a lot of excellent contacts at many teams, all of which means he's kept right on the pace of developments over a weekend and can share this with guests. It's a service no one else can deliver and one which would leave your clients feeling much closer to the action and like they've had truly exclusive experience.

Formula One Paddock Club - Grand Prix Spain - Circuit de Catalunya, Montmelo

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    F-1 Paddock Club™ Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Montmelo

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